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Posted by Matt on January 15, 2010 in Photos, Restaurants

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Sweet potato fritter, honey, chili mayonnaise.

Boston has some great places to go out to eat, don’t get me wrong, but generally the hype about new restaurants is nothing close to what you’d hear about a similar place in New York City. Things take awhile to catch on here. With public transportation that is not very efficient, urban restaurants tend to be frequented by the people that live in the ‘hood. Things are changing for two reasons: 1) Boston suddenly cares about food. 2) The mess of e-newsletters, blogs (ehhheemm), and Facebook caters to these new restaurants going “viral.”



Pork dumpling, butternut squash, five spice-pork jus.

East by Northeast on Urbanspoon


One of these new Boston area restaurants that’s gained (and deservedly so) a lot of attention in the past couple of weeks is Phillip Tang’s new place, East by Northeast, located in the Cambridge culinary epicenter, Inman Square. No, you won’t find a stop for Inman riding the Red Line, but you might have heard of it thanks to the popularity of Chris Schlesinger’s East Coast Grill, Christina’s Spice & Ice Cream Shop, Tupelo, All-Star Sandwich Bar, or Ole! It’s not a large area, but it’s definitely worth the visit.

East by Northeast is the newest arrival to the square and it touts a tiny menu of unbelievable Pan-Asian cuisine that incorporates the freshest ingredients possible. To describe this restaurant as a beer and dumpling place would be to shortchange it significantly. Chow, Thrillist, and UrbanDaddy have all done a review of this restaurant in the past couple of weeks — throw Eat With Me on the list.


Chef Tang at work.

If you’re not familiar with Chef Tang, his background at T.W. Food and Hungry Mother, two other locally-committed, exceptional eating establishments, is clearly evident by the ingredients featured on his new menu, although the dishes themselves are completely different.


Everything on the menu is $10 or less and there are few enough options that if you dine with a group (I was there with two hungry friends), ordering everything is not completely out of the question. I was wondering how a restaurant made any money with plates this cheap, but everything was so good that we kept asking our waitress for more.


Napa cabbage, honey, rice vinegar, peppercorn oil.

For a restaurant that has been open just over a week, this place is already unbelievably kink-free. The service was outstanding and the food delicious. Go for a beer, specialty cocktail, dumplings, noodles — try it all.



It’s not a huge place. Go before 7 to ensure that you get a table!


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  1. Oh my goodness. The candied peppercorn pecans and 5-spice boiled peanuts look delicious. I think legumes are one of my top 5 favorite things in the world, no joke.

  2. Matt says:

    Megan, this place belongs on your list of Boston restaurants to try. I don’t know if you’ll have time on your trip this weekend, but if NOT and I’m here next time, let’s get a group together and go. Really awesome new spot.

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